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Putnam North Animal Hospital
Medical Care
Services We Offer
Diagnostics, Radiology and Ultrasound
Our Doctors are experienced practitioners that are extensively trained in the diagnosis and treatment of your pet.  They regularly receive continuing education in the latest cutting-edge medical procedures and therapies.   Dr. Mason has also received specialized training, so much so that he now lectures nationally on the management of arthritis in pets.  We also offer Cold Laser therapy that can be used to treat a multitude of inflammatory conditions.  From allergies to ear aches to tummy upsets, we are here to help make your pet feel and do better.
At Putnam North Animal Hospital, we take care to provide our clients high quality services personalized for their unique needs. Your pets health is our primary focus and we will do everything we can to help you take the best possible care of your pet.

We provide a variety of services including:
We offer in-house laboratory testing as well as digital x-rays and ultrasound.  CBC's, blood chemistries, blood pressure, glaucoma testing and urinalysis are just a few of the tests we can perform while you are here.  We utilize the most sensitive and specific tests to help diagnose problems with your pet.  We also offer outside laboratory testing for special evaluations to help to identify problems in your pet before they become serious.  Finding problems early allows us to start managing them sooner to minimize or delay long term effects.
​Our Doctors are experienced surgeons and regularly perform needed procedures on both young and older patients.  We do require preanesthetic blood work be performed prior to surgeries.  This helps us identify any possible problems ahead of time and adjust our anesthetic protocols as needed.  We utilize the safest anesthetics available and monitor blood oxygen levels as well as pressures during the procedure to minimize any possible risk to your pet.  We have a designated surgery room and strictly adhere to sterile procedures and techniques.  Surgeries are performed every weekday and, with a few exceptions, are released to your care that same evening.  Occassionally a patient will need a specialized surgery in which case we refer our patients to the Board Certified Surgeons here in town.  We always recommend what is best for your pet.
If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.
We offer the convenience of boarding to our clients.  Dogs are walked outside twice daily and we always make sure to have a fresh towel for them to curl up on.  Our cat boarding is in a seperate room from the dogs to help minimize stresses on them so they can enjoy their stay.  We have pick up and drop off times available on Saturday evenings as well as Sunday mornings and evenings.
Keeping your pet's teeth clean is very important to maintaining your pet's health.  Periodontal disease can contribute to heart, liver and kidney problems.  We will evaluate your pet's teeth during their exams and make recommendations for preventative care as well as if they are in need of having them cleaned.  As with our surgeries, we use the safest anesthetics available and monitor blood oxygen levels as well as pressures to minimize any possible risk to your pet.  Our Doctors utilize an ultrasonic scaler and then hand check and scale each tooth.  Following that, we use a Cold Laser therapy and ProphyJet polisher for a more effective cleaning and finish up with a fluoride treatment to help strengthen the tooths' enamel.  Following the procedure, we will help formulate a plan to slow future plaque formation and delay the need to have them cleaned in the future.
If your pet is in need of a haircut or bath, we have a groomer available during weekdays for our clients.  Our groomer has over 22 years experience and will do her best to get your pet's haircut exactly like you want it.  Just give us a call to set up an appointment!
Wellness Care
Yearly check-ups are vitally important to your pets' health.  We are strong advocates for preventative health care as this is the easiest and best way to help keep your pet healthy.  We follow recommended vaccine guidelines established by the AVMA, the AAHA and the AAFP.  These guidelines outline the proper vaccination protocols for pets while eliminating unnecessary vaccines that your pet doesn't need.  We also perform annual centrifuge stool checks on your pet to help ensure they are free of internal parasites that can harm your pets and your family.  For your pets' health, we believe it is important to keep your dog or cat on a year-around heartworm preventative and deworming prescription.  We recommend Sentinel and Revolution Plus.  These are the safest and most effective products that are available today.  We regularly compare pricing to discount pharmacies to ensure our clients are receiving the best value for their money.