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How to Help a Stray Dog

Finding a stray dog can be distressing, especially in the cold, unforgiving winter. But if you're wondering how to help a stray dog, out Oklahoma City vets will teach you in today's post.

The Importance of Helping Stray Dogs

It is important to help stray dogs because they often suffer from malnutrition, disease, and injuries without proper care. By providing them with food, shelter, and medical attention, we can improve their quality of life and reduce the population of stray animals on the streets.

But this is easier said than done. Below, we'll discuss how you can help a stray dog if you find one on the street, including how to approach them, where to bring them, and how you can find them a loving home.

Approaching a Stray Dog

We recommend approaching the dog only if they seem calm and not showing signs of aggression or nervousness. If the dog's temperament appears safe, offering treats and gently putting a leash on him can help in safely moving him to a secure location.

If the dog is bearing their teeth, snarling, had flattened ears, and has their tail between their legs, it is better to not approach them. They are likely either scared or angry, and could lash out and bite if you approach. It is better to contact Oklahoma City's animal control so they can advise you on what to do. Likely, they will come and handle the dog themselves.

We should also note that, if a dog is wandering somewhere dangerous, such as a busy highway, then it's better to call Oklahoma City's animal control. They have the necessary tools and experience to get the dog out of danger.

Check for a Collar

If you manage to gain the dog's trust, then you should check for a collar. Not all dogs wandering around are strays. They could have just accidentally gotten out of their house and decided to go for a little jaunt.

Collars often have contact information, so check for one and try to contact the owner if you find it.

What to Do With a Stray Dog

The first thing you should do with a stray dog is take them to a vet. The first thing a vet can do is provide the dog with any necessary medical attention. The vet can also check for a microchip and contact the dog's owner if one is found.

If the dog is microchipped and the owner found, you can arrange a time and place to meet the owner and return their dog.

If the dog is not microchipped, you can either contact local animal shelters who can take care of the dog until a home is found. Alternatively, you can keep the dog at your place and place posters around your neighborhood to try and locate the owner. Remember to give the dog food and water in the meantime.

Keeping the Dog Yourself

If you've canvassed your neighborhood looking for the dog's owner, put up posters that a lost dog was found but received no reply, or both, then you may consider just keeping the dog.

There are a few steps you would have to follow if you decide on this route. First, take the dog to a veterinarian for another check-up and vaccinations to ensure they are in good health. Additionally, you should consider getting the dog microchipped and registered in your name to prevent any future issues with ownership.

We recommend keeping the dog only if you are fully committed to providing a loving and responsible home for the animal. It's important to remember that taking in a pet is a long-term commitment that requires time, effort, and resources. 

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

If you've found a stray dog that you've managed to get to trust you, contact our Oklahoma City vets to get them the check-up and vaccinations they will need.

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