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Disaster Preparedness for Cats & Dogs

In a disaster or emergency, planning ahead can save your pet's life. Our Oklahoma City vets offer helpful advice on emergency preparedness.

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Preparation & Safety During Disasters

Disasters can occur at anytime and anywhere. It is important to make plans now to help save yourself and your pets.

Oklahoma experiences many different kinds of disasters, including tornadoes, flooding, fires, and ice storms. Some of these will require you and your pet to shelter in place, while others will require you and your pet to evacuate.

Always remember to prepare as best as you can for as many situations as you can.

Disaster Preparedness for Cats & Dogs, Oklahoma City Vet

Evacuation Planning Tips

Always take your pet with you when you evacuate. If it is not safe for you to stay in the area, it is not safe for your pet.

Preparing for an Emergency

Just as you should have an emergency kit for your family, you should also make one for your pets.

Helpful Resources

Use these resources to research disaster preparedness and plan for emergencies.

U.S. Government “Ready Pets” Brochures

ASPCA — Click on “Emergency Preparedness” for advice

AVMA — Click on “Disaster Preparedness” for brochures and manuals

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