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Cool Cat Names

Choosing the perfect name for your feline friend can be a fun and creative process. Together with our Oklahoma City veterinarians, let’s explore a list of cool and unique male and female cat names to find the purrfect fit for your new pet!

Picking a Name for Your Cat

Whether you're looking for a classic name or something more unconventional, we've got you covered with a variety of options to suit your cat's personality. Let's make sure your furry companion has a name that truly stands out!

Famous Cats

Orangey - Orangey was a famous feline actor who appeared in numerous films and television shows during the 1950s and 1960s. He is best known for his role in the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" alongside Audrey Hepburn.

Hank the Cat- Hank the Cat was a popular feline candidate who ran for Senate in Virginia in 2012. Despite not winning, Hank gained a large following and became an internet sensation for his political campaign.

Félicette - Félicette was the first cat to be sent into space by the French government in 1963. She came back to Earth unharmed after 15 minutes.

Creme Puff - The Guinness World Record holder for longest-lived cat, at just over 38 years.

Good Names for Female Cats

Bringing a little lady home? There are a whole bunch of female cat names to choose from, and so we’ve listed our 10 favorite here.

  • Stella 
  • Lily 
  • Bella 
  • Callie 
  • Tabby 
  • Allie
  • Luna
  • Nala
  • Coco
  • Lola
  • Molly

Good Names for Male Cats

Has a sweet boy captured your heart? Here, we'll list our 10 favorite names for male cats.

  • Loki
  • Leo
  • Charlie
  • Milo
  • Simba
  • Oliver
  • Max
  • Jack
  • Merlin
  • Oscar

Fun Celebrity Cat Names

If you like punny names, check out these suggestions below.

  • Catti LaBelle
  • Cindy Clawford
  • Colin Furrth
  • Dolly Purrton
  • Florence and the Meowchine
  • Harrison Furred
  • Kitty Washington
  • Meowly Cyrus
  • Nelly Furtado
  • Will Furrell

Historical Names for Cats

If your partial to history, we have some great history-inspired names for your cat.

  • Amewlia Earhart
  • Catpurrnicus
  • Cleocatra
  • Hisston Churchill
  • Marie Purrie
  • Mewlius Caesar
  • Oedipuss
  • Sir Isaac Mewton
  • William Shakespaw

TV and Movie-Inspired Cat Names

Fan of TV and movies? Why not name your cat after some famous movie and TV cats?

  • Luna (Sailor Moon)
  • Artemis (Sailor Moon)
  • Korin (Dragon Ball)
  • Jiji (Kiki's Delivery Service)
  • Jonesy (Alien)
  • Mrs. Norris (Harry Potter)
  • Thackery Binx (Hocus Pocus)
  • Mr. Bigglesworth (Austin Powers)
  • Tonto (Harry & Tonto)

Caring For Your New Cat

When caring for your new cat, it is important to provide them with a balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs. Make sure to feed them high-quality cat food and provide fresh water at all times. Additionally, it is crucial to schedule regular veterinary check-ups to ensure your cat's health and well-being.

Another important aspect of caring for your new cat is providing them with a clean and comfortable living environment. This includes regularly cleaning their litter box, providing scratching posts for their natural behavior, and creating cozy spaces for them to rest and play. Additionally, spend quality time bonding with your cat through interactive play and grooming sessions to strengthen your relationship and ensure their happiness.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. For an accurate diagnosis of your pet's condition, please make an appointment with your vet.

Whatever the name of your new cat, our Oklahoma City veterinarians can help them thrive. Contact Putnam North Animal Hospital today to book an examination.

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